Connie Ye
3d modeling
2019 - Present
Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere

1. UXEcon 2020 Break

Summer 2020

During my internship at Google, I had the opportunity to make the break screen for the virtual 2-day annual conference for all UX Engineers (and friends) at Google. The style guide for all conference materials was inspired by Bauhaus textiles work.

I produced a 30 minute video, counting down from 30 minutes to 0 minutes.

The animation was made with Maya 2019, and rendered with Arnold Renderer.



uxecon clip uxecon clip

2. Halloween

Spring 2020

Halloween is a story about friendship.

This project is a collaboration with Jessica Cao, Sashank Gogula, Jisoo Geum and Christina Sellountos. Created in Animation, Art and Technology, taught by Jessica Hodgins and James Duesing.

The final video

Process video

3. Other work


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