Connie Ye

About me

Hello, I'm currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon, studying Computer Science and Fine Art. I also have an additional major in Human-Computer Interaction.
I just finished working part-time for Google's AR team after interning with them last summer, prototyping cutting-edge AR experiences. The summer before that, I interned on Google's Material Research team, where I worked with Google Fonts and Material Design to research new web tools for variable fonts.
I have a strong technical background in computer science. I love designing joyful experiences and thinking about the future of ubiquitous computing.

In my free time, I experiment with new pasta recipes and make lighthearted games with my art collective Algorat! I also have a dog named Mei Mei who's the light of my life.

Find me on

Github - khanniie

Email - [email protected]
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