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Fall 2018 - Secret Base: Using distinctive images (posters, stickers, wall patterns) from real life, users can build “secret bases” that will pop up any time the app detects those images. These bases will be stored and can be sent to the users’ friends through a friend code. These friends also have the ability to see and modify the same structure if they are within proximity of the same image.All the furniture was textured with hand-painted watercolor textures, and the “sharing” aspect uses both Firebase authorization for user sign in and Firebase’s database to remember base information. The AR was made using vuforia’s cloud database and extended tracking.technical documentation & more info here
2017 - A World Where You're Always Happy: A project for my concept studio art class! Uses clmtracker API for facial feature tracking / modiciation.
2017 - Lightbot + Scratch: Web application that allows students in AP Computer Science Principles to test out their block code in preparation for AP test questions about a robot on a grid. Users drag and drop blocks (move, rotate, repeat loop, if/else, can-move) and watch their block code play out on a grid of modifiable size with custom obstacle locations.
2016 - Doodle Date: Online multiuser drawing tool. Users can create or join rooms and draw with their friends on the same canvas. Pen and eraser have custom size, opacity and width options. Doodle date also includes: color wheel, download, import image reference, layers.


2017 BOT A RAZZI: Final concept studio project; worked in a team of 4. Floating robots follow the user around in this VR experience built for the Google Cardboard using Aframe.js. The robot "view" info is sent to a differnt screen that projects a fake instagram profile with the video stream. I worked on the projections, sending and retriving the data using Firebase. I also 3d modeled some of the models included and built the fake social media pages and their fake chat streams.
2017 WEB DEV WEEKEND P5.js TALK: Rain and I gave a talk about p5.js! You can find the slides linked :)
2017 BostonHacks team project - Color Controlled VR: We wanted to recreate Cooking Mama in virtual reality but without the use of controllers that make VR more inaccessible. Our "controller " is a colored paper on the back of the user's hand, which is tracked by the library tracking.js! You can try it yourself, but I've linked the devpost which includes a video and a link to the actual live demo.
2017 HACKCMU team project - Snow Gum: Cute game to teach children ages 4 - 6 Spanish colors through voice recognition! Thank you Cece and Alyssa!


March 2 2018 - Motion Capture Metaballs - made with three.js and mocap data Documentation and code here
Feb 23 2018 - p5.js speech - flower listens and responds to sentiment of the speech by wilting or growing Documentation and code here
Feb 9 2018 - Asemic Handwriting - Maze language, plotted by Axidraw Documentation and code here
Feb 9 2018 - Caffine Bot Clock for 60-212 Documentation and code here
Feb 2 2018 - Animated Loop for 60-212 Documentation and code here
January 24, 2018 - Intersections for 60-212


December 2017 - Data Visualization of Magazines using Processing


9/5/16 - GUI Color Mixer - has checkboxes so the user can choose the color, then repaints with a background made of the chosen color and variations of them.