Connie Ye
Cooking Mama Inspired Arduino controllers
Fall 2018


A Unity and Arduino version of popular game Cooking Mama! I made two felt fabric controllers (one spam, one steak) shaped like food and put sensors in them. When I first learned how to use an Arduino, one of my first instincts was to connect it with Unity. At first, I had trouble coming up with an idea for a unity + arduino experience that would leverage the advantages of both. Ultimately, I was inspired by Cooking Mama, a game that I had loved in my childhood. I was excited by the idea of enhancing the game experience with a physical controller. How will a felt knife and a felt steak compare to a Nintendo stylus? Will it make it more fun? Will it be the same? I love the idea of making alternative experiences, and this was a way of exploring that. Thank you to Sidney Church for helping me connect the Arduino to unity and for all of the Arduino help!

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Documentation pictures & Code

The look of the felt fabric food controllers was inspired by Lucy Sparrow's Sparrow Mart, a supermarket made up of food made from felt. You can find the code here. The steak controller contains six buttons attached to a breadboard. On top of the buttons, I laid flat acrylic boards that I cut into sections so that the buttons could have a greater range of influence. The spam contains a photocell that can tell when you remove the meat, and the bowl also contains a photocell to detect when the meat is placed inside. For the unity part, I am sending the information from the Arduino to serial port, which unity then reads from. diagram of work diagram of work left: the felt steak and fabric parts, right: developing with arduino

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